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E-Verify Deadline Quickly Approaching

E-Verify Deadline Quickly Approaching April 1st 2012

This will help you get started with E-Verify.

             Remember this is for
                 NEW EMPLOYEES
           Hired on April 1st 2012,
      Does not apply to current employees.

E-Verify Deadline Quickly Approaching April 1st 2012


April 1, 2012 is an important deadline for employers in Alabama to come into compliance with Alabama's tough new immigration law. Specifically, Act 2011-535 (codified at Ala. Code sec. 33-13-1, et seq.) requires all Alabama employers to enroll and begin participating in the federal E-Verify program by April 1, 2012.

With the Alabama E-Verify requirement now in effect for dealerships that do business with government entities and for all other dealerships and businesses by April 1, 2012, dealers should be getting their businesses enrolled in the E-Verify system by going to the web site of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (www.dhs.gov). Alabama businesses with 25 or fewer employees may comply by accessing E-Verify through the Alabama Department of Homeland Security (https://verify.alabama.gov). The E-Verify requirement has not been challenged in federal court. A similar provision in the Arizona law has already upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

E-Verify is a free service run by the Federal Government, and employers can sign up for the system by visiting https://verify.alabama.gov. New hires are required to be E-verified within three (3) days after their date of hire. The system cannot be used to screen candidates - only those who are hired should be E-Verified. Additionally, unless the employer is a government contractor subject to the FAR E-Verify contract clause, only new hires are to be E-Verified, not current employees. The system provides a "green" authorized message or a "yellow" tentative non-confirm message, at which point the employer is required to comply with certain requirements under federal law. Note also that employers will use E-Verify in addition to the existing 1-9 process, which remains a requirement under federal law.


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